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Dinner Menu

Serving Authentic German Fare, Classic American Pub Fare, Homemade Soups, Sauces, and Daily Specials Since 1986. Proudly Celebrating our 34th Year!


Entrees are served with potato and/or vegetable selections, your choice of liver dumpling soup, soup of the day, or a house salad, and home-baked dinner rolls.


Scotch Egg | 6.95 | egg, homemade sausage, rustic breading, german mustard
Wurst Platter | 10.95 | thuringer, knackwurst, bratwurst, horseradish sauce, mustard
German Potato Pancakes | 10.95 | rustic garlic pancakes, apple sauce, sour cream
Bavarian Pretzel Basket | 9.95 | four hot braided pretzels, salt, garlic herb boursin
Breaded White Cheddar Curds | 9.95 | fresh curds, panko, red pepper garlic
Duck Confit & Goat Cheese Kolachky | 11.95 |  phyllo, duck confit, chevre, balsamic
Tiroler Schnitzel Bites | 10.95 | ground pork & beef schnitzels, onion, mustard
Bourbon Sriracha Pork Wings | 12.95 | petite braised pork shanks (also dry rub w/ horseradish or bbq style)
Duck Wings | 12.95 | amish duck drumsticks, rustic breading, orange horseradish marmalade
Fried Green Beans | 8.95 | fresh green beans, onion panko, red pepper garlic sauce
Mini Pierogi | 9.95 | farmers cheese, sautéed onion, pan gravy
Baby Portobello Mushrooms | 8.95 | rustic seasoned batter, horseradish sauce
Almond Breaded Duck Tenders | 10.95 | duck breast, almond laced breading, orange horseradish marmalade
Hungarian Goulash Soup | 8.95 | beef, potato, onion, cracked pepper, paprika
Cheddar Ale Soup | 8.95 | aged wisconsin cheddar, ale, onion & carrot reduction

Sandwiches | Pub Burgers

The Maximillian | 13.95 | pork schnitzel, horseradish, grilled onion, ajvar, brioche bun
Bacon Cheddar Jalapeño Stuffed Bratwurst Sandwich | 12.95 | grilled onion, mustard, pretzel roll
Swiss & Portobello Stuffed Bratwurst Sandwich | 12.95 | grilled onion, mustard, pretzel roll
The Zsa Zsa | 13.95 | smoked thuringer, spicy letscho mix, pretzel roll
Thuringer Sandwich | 12.95 | grilled onion, horseradish, mustard, fries, pretzel roll
Knackwurst Sandwich | 11.95 | grilled onion, horseradish, mustard, fries, pretzel roll
Bratwurst Sandwich | 11.95 | grilled onion, horseradish, mustard, fries, pretzel roll 
Matterhorn Burger | 14.95 | bacon, cheddar, fried egg, battered fries, pretzel bun
Rotterdam Burger | 14.95 | smoked gouda, mushrooms, sauteed onion, bacon, brioche
Black & Blue Burger | 13.95 | bacon, bleu cheese, battered fries, pretzel bun
French Farmhouse Burger | 13.95 | mushroom, grilled onion, boursin, brioche bun
Alpine Burger | 12.95 | sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, swiss, pretzel bun
Classic Pub Burger | 10.95 | cheese, battered fries, pretzel or brioche roll
B.B.Q. Bacon Cheddar Burger | 13.95 | peppered bacon, grilled onion, pretzel bun
Black Forest Burger | 13.95 | black forest ham, swiss, battered fries, pretzel bun
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich | 13.95 | chicken schnitzel, ham, swiss, pretzel bun
Wiener Schnitzel Cordon Bleu Sandwich | 13.95 | pork schnitzel, ham, swiss, pretzel bun
Tiroler Schnitzel Sandwich | 12.95 | raw onion, swiss, mustard, brioche bun

pub dinners

Pub-Style Fish & Chips | 14.95 | 8oz cod filet, fries, tartar sauce, lemon
B.B.Q. Ribs | 24.95 | pork spareribs, full slab, bbq, mashed potato or fries

Vegetarian Fare

Veggie Schnitzel Dinner | 15.95 | breaded veggie patty, mashed potato, sauteed vegetables
Pierogi Pomodoro | 14.95 | cheese pierogi, crushed tomato sauce, garlic, onion
Veggie Schnitzel Sandwich | 12.95 | veggie schnitzel, pretzel roll, fries, swiss

Famous Schnitzels

 Viennese-style, breaded, farm-raised, antibiotic-free, premium boneless pork cutlets.
Also available prepared with boneless chicken breasts upon request.

Wiener Schnitzel | 17.95 | choice of mashed or boiled potatoes, choice of vegetable
Alpine Schnitzel | 19.95 | topped with sautéed mushrooms and swiss cheese
Budapest Schnitzel | 19.95 | with spicy Hungarian Letcho red pepper remoulade
Chicken Schnitzel Cordon Bleu | 19.95 | topped with black forest ham & swiss
Wiener Schnitzel Cordon Bleu | 20.95 | topped with black forest ham & Swiss
Konigsberger Schnitzel | 19.95 | smothered with white wine, lemon, caper cream
Hunter's Schnitzel | 20.95 | smothered in white wine, onions, mushroom cream
Chicken Schnitzel | 17.95 | viennese-style boneless chicken cutlets
Tiroler Schnitzel | 16.95 | ground seasoned pork & beef in house breading
Triple Schnitzel Platter | 21.95 | wiener, chicken, and tiroler schnitzel, two sides

Traditional German Favorites

Spanferkel | 17.95 | traditional oktoberfest suckling pig roast (daily thru late october)
Quarter Roast Duck | 19.95 | crispy, slow-roasted, with caraway & spices
Half Roast Duck | 26.95 | crispy, slow-roasted, with caraway & spices
Stuffed Potato Dumplings | 16.95 | chopped pork shoulder, sauteed onion, gravy, vegetable side
Sauerbraten | 18.95 | marinated beef in a rich, tart and spicy sauce
Bavarian Boiled Ribs | 24.95 | full slab cooked over onions and vegetables, brown gravy
Kassler Rippchen | 19.95 | two 10oz, center-cut, naturally wood-smoked pork chops
Jager Huhnerschnitzel | 17.95 | chicken breasts, white wine mushroom cream
Schweins Hax'n | 24.95 | 2lb boiled pork shank, served skin-on (crispy upon request)
Roast Pork Loin | 16.95 | lean pork loin, marinated w/ beer, garlic and caraway, pan gravy

Classic European Fare

Hungarian Goulasch | 17.95 | tender beef in a rich onion paprika sauce
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls | 15.95 | cabbage, ground pork, beef, rice, sweet tomato gravy
Chicken Paprikash | 16.95 | chicken breasts sautéed in a rich paprika cream gravy
Bavarian Lodge Meatloaf | 15.95 | smoky european-style meatloaf with pan gravy
Beef Stroganoff | 16.95 | classic stroganoff, with spatzle or dumplings
Cheese Pierogi | 14.95 | potato & farmer’s cheese, gravy, crisp onion, and kraut 

Sausage Dinners

Bratwurst | 15.95 | two mild beef & pork brats, potato, kraut, gravy, german mustard
Knackwurst | 15.95 | two lightly smoked pork sausages, potato, kraut, gravy
Thuringer | 16.95 | two huge smoked beef & pork sausages, potato, kraut
German Sausage Platter | 20.95 | all three sausages above, slice of meatloaf
Braumeister's Platter | 27.95 | three sausages, smoked pork chop, roast pork

and some extra menu info...

Children’s Menu
We offer a basic children’s menu that features items like Grilled Cheese, Chicken Fingers, Dumplings & Gravy, as well as a kids portion of our famous Weiner Schnitzel. Kids meals must accompany an adults meal purchase. Available for ages 12 and under only, please. Not available for carry-out.

Food Allergy Statement
Because common cooking practices may allow contact among food items, we cannot guarantee any food items to be completely allergen-free

Special Orders & Service Times
Our kitchen is quite small as compared to the number of patrons we are able to seat in our establishment. Please understand that it is not always possible for us to change a recipe, preparation, or presentation of a menu item upon request. As our kitchen is crowded and busy and everything we make is made from scratch, please be patient and allow for extra preparation time when our dining room is exceptionally busy. It's authentic home cooking and we'll do our best to get to your order just as fast as we can.

Carry-Out Orders
Carry-out phone orders are not available. Carry-out orders must be placed in person and may not be available during peak dining times. Due to packaging limitations, not all items are available for carry out. Bread service is for dine-in guests and is not packaged with carry-out orders.

Information Subject to Change
The information listed on this page is presented for informational purposes only. All information is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a guarantee of pricing nor availability.